The Incredible Story of eBay's Falling Empire The Incredible Story of eBay's Falling Empire

The Incredible Story of eBay's Falling Empire

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πŸ‘‹ Welcome to the INSANE story of eBay, looking at the rise and fall(?) of eBay, and the interesting ecommerce battle between eBay and Amazon (and why Jeff Bezos is winning).

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Its been reported that ebay’s founder created the site so that his wife, who was an avid collector of PEZ dispensers, could trade them with other people. Whilst that’s a heartwarming story, it’s just a total lie from eBay’s old marketing team. Let’s look at the real story of ebay…

In 1995, Pierre created a site called AuctionWeb - it had an extremely basic design, and was really just a side project for Pierre, but it was the first place online where anyone could list their items for sale to the rest of the world, and have people bid on them. Little died Pierre Omidyar realise, within a few years this site would make him a billionaire, and ignite the ecommerce battle. Welcome to the story of ebay by MagnatesMedia!

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